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SteelCity Ruby - My First International Ruby Conference


You have to visit at least one Ruby conference in USA! Check this summary

SteelCity Ruby

At the beginning of this year (2013) I decided that I have to participate in at least one international Ruby conference. I already participated in Development conferences in Europe and even did several talks. But I have never been in USA Ruby conference yet.

Some one tweeted about SteelCity Ruby conference and I decided to register immediately. I found amazing appartment via AirBnB just near the venue for a half price of a room in hotel.

View from my appartment

Pittsburgh is a very nice city with amazing Ruby community. They have a pub inside a church (The Church Brew Works)

The Church Brew Works

and Pittsburgh Sandwich with French fries

Pittsburgh Sandwich

But let’s go back to the Ruby. Did you know that Steve Klabnik lived in Pittsburgh till last year?

Ruby Friends - Steve Klabnik with David Paluy

I really like the “community feel” of this event. The organizers did amazing job! It’s all done by local volunteers with help of sponsors.

I was introduced to other at the beginning of first day, when the conference moderator asked, who did more than 10,000 miles to arrive to that event.

I met a lot of great developers and had some #RubyFriends pictures. BTW, if you still don’t have a RubyFriends picture, go to a local meetup and do at least one!

I had an interesting talk with founder of Gittip Chad Whitacre. He founded amazing product to support Open Source community.

Ruby Friends - Chad Whitacre with David Paluy

I also invited Avdi Grimm to come to Israel and give a talk in one of our events.

Ruby Friends - Avdi Grimm with David Paluy


More conference pictures and other info can be found here.

You can find the confernece videos here. But I would like to advise you to check at least those talks: